STYLE GURU STYLE: The Cold Shoulder

Changing up your hairstyle can also lead to experimenting with new trends. After cutting off almost half of my hair, I needed a debut outfit that would really show off the drastic difference. A shoulder-exposing floral dress was the perfect way to emphasize my new short hairdo. My inspiration came from the Chloé spring 2016 ready-to-wear collection, which featured off-the-shoulder blouses as well as blends of ’70s and ’90s trends such as athletic wear with a long, boho skirt. I loved the idea of blending different decades, so I styled this outfit featuring influences from the past!

I first threw on this off-the-shoulder floral dress which is perfect for a spring day spent downtown. It really balances the risque skin exposure with a casual, loose fit. I didn’t want it to be too shapeless, so I used a thin brown belt to add a waistline. I love how the neckline really dramatizes my short hair! The juxtaposition of the sweet sundress and the tough, leather boots create the perfect blend of feminine and edgy. The boots also reminded me of the ’80s club wear that my mom used to wear, which is such a throwback!

I really wanted to pick up on the ’70s vibes that the dress was throwing out, so I completed the outfit with a pair of oversized sunnies and a floppy hat. The accessories touched on the color palette and style of the outfit, creating a cohesive look. I felt like I could have been at a music festival with all of these boho vibes! The addition of the over-the-knee boots, however, really upped the sex appeal and toughened up the look. Overall, I think I sampled some of the highlights of past fashion and made it my own, just like Chloé!

Get My Look: 1. Off-the-shoulder dress. 2. Wide-brimmed hat. 3. Thigh high boots. 4. Round sunglasses.