STYLE GURU STYLE: The Classic Black and White

In the past year or so neutral colors have become the easiest thing to find while shopping and they look great on everyone. For me, I have always been obsessed with black and white due to the fact that the colors are so versatile and they will never go out of style.

The Christian Dior spring 2016 couture collection shows off the classic black and white style incorporated in dresses, two piece suits and shoes. I took inspiration from this runway show because I grew up with a mom who has always loved Christian Dior clothing, so this brought back many memories of my childhood and this years’ spring line has definitely appealed to me because of the black and white patterns and embroideries.

Raf Simons, the current Dior designer, incorporated the classic black and white style into these unique textures that can be found in clothing stores all around you. I chose to recreate a simple look modeled on the runway by rocking this loose fitting black dress with white embroidery along the neckline and some lace-up suede high heels. Many of the shoes displayed on the runway also have a pointed-toe with detailing on the ankles, similar to what I chose to wear for today’s post and that is also a very popular style choice this summer. Apart from the basic color combination, unique jewelry pieces were incorporated into the looks to tie in the simplicity of the colors to the unique style.

Get My Look: 1. Any black or white flowy dress 2. A pair of pointed-toe heels or flats with some ankle detailing 3. Some unique jewelry pieces to tie up the look.