STYLE GURU STYLE: The Bohemian Dior

While my style tends to consist of a very monochromatic style, I find myself infatuated with the thought of popping in some colorful pieces every now and again.

Taking inspiration from Christian Dior’s 2015 fall couture runway look, I decided to bring out my most colorful collection. One of the most intriguing aspects of the show was the colorful hybrid of bohemian and simplicity throughout the entire collection. Patterns were also very common in this particular show. I shortly found myself infatuated by the intricate designs and color patterns. The collection also featured many pieces consisting of loosely fitted material similar to what you may see by Free People.

Style can always be recreated and reinvented. I find frequently taking inspiration from shows such as Christian Dior’s, yet I find my own way to make it my own and do so affordably. This week I am rocking some of my favorite pieces that were found at a local Indianapolis retailer named Pattern. I started my look with a crisp white crop top. This piece is minimalistic, versatile and comfortable. I would easily say that this type of crop top is an essential to any Fashionista’s closet. With that being said, I found myself more in love with my bell-bottom pants They are a fashion statement as well as something you could wear to almost any daytime occasion. They were also remarkably comfortable (which always helps). I finished my look with a brown leather bag. I always tend to find that small bags are the perfect accessory to almost any outfit!

Get My Look: 1. White crop T-shirt. 2. Bell bottom pants. 3. Leather bag.