Over the years, denim has managed to remain an absolute essential in the fashion world. It goes with anything and everything that we can think of. There is not a single Fashionista/o who can say that they don’t own a denim piece in their wardrobe. Fashion designers are constantly reviving the staple by artfully pairing it with other current trends. There are denim purses, denim shoes and other accessories—all attempts to keep our beloved denim trend fresh and fun. Colored denim may be the most popular way to wear this trend. Almost every fashionable person owns at least one pair of jeans in a different color.

Perhaps one of the most simplistic and brilliant ways to sport denim in a newer way, besides your jewel toned jeans, is the denim on denim trend. Double denim may seem daunting but it is all in how you wear it. I’ve taken inspiration from Chloé’s spring 2015 ready-to-wear collection and incorporated it into my own ensemble.

To wear this trend successfully, I believe that the two denim pieces should be different shades. Whether your denim color is the classic blue, a red or even a green, it will look less “matchy” if you create a little variation. That is why I paired a lighter blue button-down with boyfriend jeans that were slightly darker. I’m an advocate for simplicity so all I wore were a funky pair of nude slingback heels and a bright red lip to complete my outfit.

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