STYLE GURU STYLE: The Blanket Scarf

Trending in in the classrooms of ISU and all over the media, the old grunge plaid has been reinvented to look chic yet casual. Worn in dresses, shoes, tops and bottoms, there’s just about any kind of way a Fashionista/o can wear it. Some of the top designers like Marc by Marc Jacobs and Stella Jean take the plaid onto the runways in their most recent shows. Plaid can be manipulated to look preppy, edgy and even a little bit sophisticated depending on the Fashionista/o’s mood and style. The Balenciaga pre-fall 2015 show portrays a sophisticated way to wear plaid. Check out the full runway looks at

For my outfit I translated this runway trend through my blanket scarf; A very popular trend on the campus of ISU. One of the many reasons I love the blanket scarf is because it is a simple accessory that can complete and make an attire outfit. Also, it keeps a girl warm during the long commute to classes in the winter. There are many different ways to wear this trend. My motto is the bigger the scarf the better. I gave my own twist to this trend by taking a more edgy route with a military green and leather jacket. Since my plaid scarf displayed an assortment of colors, the jacket complimented my scarf in a way that still made the plaid the focal point of the outfit. From there, I kept it basic with a cream colored sweater, black leggings and black riding boots to complete the look, making it simple yet cute for everyday attire.

Get My Look: 1. The blanket scarf. 2. Layer a leather jacket or military jacket. 3. Black boots.