STYLE GURU STYLE: The Art of the Blanket Scarf

February 3rd, 2016 at 2:06am

If it were up to me (and not my wallet), I’d be strutting to class head to toe in Christian Dior. From the moment I saw Christian Dior’s fall 2015 couture line, I fell in love. I pictured myself throwing on the oversized outerwear to brighten up the dead of winter or working the tea length dresses suited just for autumn.  Dior’s “fairytale” couture show had one defining moment, the coats. The “coat/cape” mixture of a masterpiece was described as the “core of the collection”, showing the true beauty that bell sleeves and velvet coats have to offer.

As the temperature drops in the coming months, I begin dreading the bulkiness that comes with winter clothes.  The puffy jackets and thick gloves are not what I signed up for.  In the past few years, I have opted to leave my jacket at home in the name of fashion and for the sake of my outfit.  However, an emerging fashion trend has saved me this winter, the holy blanket scarf.  The blanket scarf can be worn in many different ways, whether it be over the shoulder or wrapped around your neck. Whichever way you choose to wear it, it’s large size and warm material ensures that you will be feeling toasty and looking cute all through the winter months.

Although I would personally love my closet to be filled with the glamourous Dior line, I chose to recreate the spirit of this collection in a more practical fashion for day-to-day campus life.  The collection ranged from whites to florals to blacks to reds.  In my look, I kept the colors to black, white and red in order to keep with the current winter season.  I threw on a patterned blanket scarf in order to replicate the oversized coats and bold patterns.  To accessorize, I incorporated my bright red bag and fringed ankle boots serve as statement pieces to go with the minimalist vibes of the outfit.  I topped the look off with my favorite brown liquid lipstick, to complete my personal Dior-inspired “fairytale”.

Get My Look: 1.Blanket scarf. 2.Fringed ankle heels. 3. Bright red handbag.