STYLE GURU STYLE: That’s So ‘70s Chic

STYLE GURU STYLE: That’s So ‘70s Chic

If you really knew me, you would understand how much I love denim. I hardly ever leave my house without my denim jacket in tow and I am a strong believer that jeans were put on this earth by God himself to bless us all. Or something along those lines.

This explains why I was so stoked to take a look at Madewell’s spring 2016 ready-to-wear runway collection. It is obvious how much of a staple denim is for Madewell, something I have been quick to notice when entering the store and my wallet shakes with excitement at all the possible jeans I can spend my paychecks on.

With white and blue colors lacing throughout the collection’s looks, I decided to incorporate these light summer hues into my own remodel. Weaving in inspiration from Madewell’s high-waisted jeans enthusiasm (I understand you on a deep, personal level, Madewell) and the incorporation of the cowgirl bandana, I created an outfit that I would wear in any season on any given day.

As pictured, I took out my pair of vintage Dittos high-waisted jeans, one of my favorite items found in my closet, and coupled them with a comfy crop top. Cropped tees are a match made in heaven for high-waisted bottoms. This comeback trend from the ‘70s has captured my heart so tremendously.

Additionally, I put on my brown booties with a slight heel to make my legs appear even longer. Shorties like me tend to find ways to compensate. Plus, I don’t have it in me to resist the clacking sounds of heeled shoes; it really adds to a woman’s confidence, does it not?

I finished off the look with my red bandana, tying it around my neck. Throughout Madewell’s collection, the traditional bandana can be spotted quite a few times and ever since I stumbled upon these pictures, I have noticed bandanas in many leading fashion stores. Keep an eye out for this upcoming trend and open it with welcome arms. A vintage look with a modern twist never hurt anyone.

Get My Look: 1. High-waisted denim. 2. Comfy, patterned crop top. 3. Heeled booties. 4. Accessorize as you please.