STYLE GURU STYLE: That Coat Though

When winter hits and temperatures begin to really go downhill, the fashion statement you really want to focus on here is your coat. Most of the time you’ll be walking around campus with your coat closed, so people won’t be able to see your cute outfit underneath. (Please, do not walk around campus with your coat open. It’s freezing!) Well of course, it depends on what state your campus is located. I’m in Syracuse, one of the snowiest cities in the U.S., so I must always make sure to wear a warm coat. But, being the Fashionista and Style Guru that I am, I must always wear something stylish. This is why I love the coat that I’m wearing pictured above. It is such a stylish coat and the material is thick enough to make me feel warm and cozy during the winter. It’s everything you need in a winter coat, so make sure you look for those two qualities when shopping for one.

I was inspired to start wearing this coat again when I saw a very similar one in the pre-fall 2015 Calvin Klein collection. They both look kind of oversized and the material looks grainy as well, which adds personality to the coat. Also, since the coat is not colorful, it goes with almost everything in your closet. To maintain the same color scheme, I decided to wear black leggings with a blue sweater dress and a gray sweater cardigan on top for extra warmth. I finished off the look with some cozy black grainy socks and black pointy booties. To appear more presentable for class and meetings, I pulled back my hair into a casual high bun.

I remember I got this coat while I was abroad in London in one of their most famous markets. It was pretty cheap too, for such a nice coat. So always look for a fashionable but warm coat at a reasonable price. Remember, we’re college students on a budget. Use money wisely!

Get My Look: 1. Try an oversized coat with a personality. 2. For extra warmth, wear a sweater cardigan. 3. Don’t forget about the booties.