STYLE GURU STYLE: That '70s Show

According to Paris Fashion Week, capes are overtaking jackets this spring, and my inner Fashionista instinctively came out a few weeks ago as I happened to pick out a tan suede cape. On the rack over, there just happened to be another vintage piece, a ‘70s-inspired dress, that went perfectly with it. Fashion fate? I think so.

Burberry Prorsum’s fall 2015 ready-to-wear collection showed hints of ’70s influence in its styles and materials, and the ’70s vibe has been sprouting up across collections this year. The colors and textures are what makes this look stand out and give it that ’70s feel, with warm tans and maroons, highlighting my ombré hair and playing to my strengths. My favorite part of the cape, or the statement piece of the outfit, was the detailing. The gold buckles can either be fastened or worn open to showcase more of the dress. The side panels are the most interesting details to me, incorporating a western influence.

Since the cape was the dominant feature of this look, I chose a primarily maroon outfit underneath, with a lighter tan accent in the shoes. A dark wine lip on my pale complexion offered a stark contrast, while deep, ombré curls helped me to channel somewhat of a boho style. As the spring approaches, this look is perfect for that in between weather and varying temperatures. Wear the cape in the morning, and then shed a layer as the days begins to heat up.

Get My Look: 1. A suede cape. 2. Tan booties. 3. A wine lip.