This past fall’s Alberta Ferretti 2014 ready-to-wear runway show was one that caught my eye. It was filled with Earth tone colors, which are my favorite. But there was also a variety of fabrics. There were materials that were soft, flowing, metallic and fuzzy furs, all of which were very attractive. The inspiration for this line was the forest that Ferretti likes to surround herself by. The chosen colors and textures were all made to reflect glamour and nature. This show stood out to me because it closely resonated with what is already in my closet. I am very comfortable with dressing in complete black clothing, but Earth tones are my go-to color palette when trying to incorporate more color. The forest and nature also often tend to be my muses for a lot of my photography projects.

My first challenge with this outfit was to try and avoid the automatic choice of black leggings. I knew that if that happened, then it would just end up being all-black all over again. I decided to opt for a lighter tone, gray, and matched that with an oversized faux fur vest. By having a longer shirt and the large vest, it created a more of a tunic ensemble, which reflected the many dresses and long coats in Ferretti’s show.

I also combined the soft fur with a contrasting metal wrapped gem stone pendant. The brass metal color really ties together the other green and gray earth tones. The tall black riding boots kept this look polished, but also fun because they give a sense of adventure, which I associate with the forest.

Get My Look: 1. Faux fur hooded vest. 2. Gray or earth tone leggings. 3. A wire wrapped stone pendant.