STYLE GURU STYLE: Teal Pop Color Block

STYLE GURU STYLE: Teal Pop Color Block

One of the most remarkable aspects of fashion is the inspiration it gives to others. One line or show can initiate millions of new designs and styles. In the past, I have written about Balmain, and the utility grunge trend it channeled in its Balmain spring 2016 ready-to-wear runway show. The show featured so many new trends and elements that it too inspired me to create more looks based on the line. The look I am wearing today is entitled “tranquil in teal” and works using the utility trend and earth tone color popping.

One distinct trend Balmain has carried through the spring show was its abundant use of chokers. This comes as no surprise to me as Balmain is a France based company. Long before the ’90s, chokers were a French cultural accessory worn specifically by the wealthy. Whether they appear gold plated or color coated, the choker evidently plays a prominent role this season. I translated this trend into my own look by adding a velvet grommet lace-up choker. This choker was chosen intentionally to express the utility trend, and carry out the black color scheme with the over-the-knee-boots.

The next trend Balmain is notorious for publicizing this spring would be netting and mesh. Mesh blouses and open knit skirts can be found widely within the show. Mesh tops can be great but accessories and prints must be kept minimal. Since the design of my top was intricately patterned, I added a skirt with a consistent color and kept the statement necklace clean and simple. Patterns can be paired with other patterns depending on size and visual orientation. This particular necklace worked well with this top, as the loops are larger and stand out amongst the consistency of the mesh holes.

Last but not least, this look would not hold its edge without its teal color pop. Many of Balmain’s featured outfits contain a single highlight color. Color popping is done by dressing in a series of neutral or similar colors and adding one accent color dissimilar than the rest. This gives you and the outfit the ability to accentuate a certain feature or draw attention to a certain spot. I personally loved the earthy undertone of this teal skirt and thought it would stand out perfectly with the grunge color palate of browns and nudes.

Get My Look: 1. Lace-up choker.2. Mesh top. 3. Faux suede mini skirt.