STYLE GURU STYLE: Tall, Dark And Oversized

Recently, I’ve checked out the street style in Berlin and just felt so inspired to translate it into my own closet. I can’t help it, there was just an intensity of dark palettes being worn. Not only were cowl necks present on knits, but the theme of oversized layers captured my attention. Whenever I feel like dressing in a minimalist attitude, I love to add a subtle touch of color, which is present in the styles of Berlin. I knew by viewing the street style, I had to integrate the oversized sweater into my wardrobe. It would add the essence of Berlin that makes the monochromatic outfit stand out!

So this week, I decided to go for it.The main focus of my outfit is the oversized knit sweater with the cowl neckline. My outfit consists of predominantly black clothing, with touches of white and color from my jewelry and headband. I have this profound love of gold accessories, which I can never stray from. The knit pattern accentuates height, while the motorcycle booties follow suit.

This fall 2015 Berlin Fashion Week really let me keep it simple, all while having a comfortable look. Even with such a dark outfit, I felt completely confident since it does not evoke a boring or bland feeling at all. The accent colors from the streets can turn any dark look into the most chic feel that you can have on campus.

Get My Look: 1. The oversized sweater. 2. The perfect accentuating accessory. 3. The best bootie for any walkway.