STYLE GURU STYLE: Taking It To The Streets

We can all have difficulties finding new additions to our own personal style at times, and try as we might, it can be difficult to turn those inspirations into realistic outcomes especially when it comes to runway fashion. We’ve all seen the dramatic costumes that seem to be the face of modern fashion, but would never wear on the streets. From a personal style standpoint, my comfort level is equally as important as being trendy, so I try to find inspiration from designers with a realistic street style that is applicable to every day life.

Taking a spark of inspiration from Vanessa Seward’s fall 2016 ready-to-wear collection, I embraced my inner ’70s flare to create a loose, cascading layered ensemble. I can really relate to her fall line because she takes on a realistic street style that focuses on comfort, not theatrics. I stuck to the long, buttoned skirt and leather cognac boots that Seward especially emphasizes in her 2016 fall line. Keeping with a neutral color pattern makes this trend great for any season, therefore assuring the “we never go out of style.”

Being on that college student budget lead me to finding my hidden gem: the cotton button-down skirt, at a local thrift store downtown. Very excited about my affordable purchase, I decided to pair it with a light cotton tank top and a gray blazer. The collection of steel necklaces really acts as a small accent piece that completes the look. This style exemplifies the importance of classic staple pieces that every college gal should have in her repertoire.

Get My Look: 1. Long T-length skirt 2. Any neutral cotton T-shirt 3. Leather riding boots 4. Blazer 5. Multiple necklaces