STYLE GURU STYLE: Take the Plunge

This year, more than ever, I have been a walking life mantra for myself. After coming home to the United States after living in Milan for four months, I have been non-stop preaching at people to live their dreams and live life on the edge. “Take the plunge” and “do what you’ve always wanted to do,” is what I say to my friends and co-workers as I humbly tell of my dream-like experience abroad. This particular plunge, however, doesn’t deal with Italy per-se; it deals with your wardrobe.

Fashionistas all over can’t get enough of plunging necklines. This trend may be one of the hardest to master. Some people think that Fashionistas with a larger chest shouldn’t wear lower necklines, while some think that said Fashionistas are the only ones who should show off those curves. Personally, I say forget your bust size and focus more on the dress. If you love it, it fits you and shows off the best side of you while still being the elegant and glassy gal that you are, then wear it.

I was inspired by the  Zuhair Murad spring 2015 Couture line with this look. Zuhair Murad’s collection is all about the plunging neckline. He incorporates the spring pastel colors with combinations of tulle, beading, floral embroidery and organza. These pieces flowed down the runway as they were made to embody water with color palettes of blue, white, yellow and blush. For my own look, I kept the accessories simple since the statement neckline is the focus of my outfit. I wore a gold arm band, neutral pumps and grabbed my favorite brown bag to give me some more arm candy. Necklaces can take away from the dress, so for that reason, I chose to wear big, gold earrings to keep the jewelry near my face and away from my dress. I may never be able to wear one of those amazing couture gowns, but putting my own spin on these pieces will suffice for now.  Don’t doubt yourself and take the plunge with a daring neckline this summer.

Get My Look:  1. Plunging dress. 2. Nude heels. 3. Brown bag.