STYLE GURU STYLE: Take a Walk on the Wide Side

The radical and unconventional people that made up the bohemian movement, which was a time during the 19th century when lovers of literature and art decided to live outside of mainstream culture, influenced fashion and culture for hundreds of years to follow. Today, bohemian trends remain relevant and are still linked to the idea of free spirit and individuality as they once were in France hundreds of years ago, and still impact the way we view fashion as a whole. The movement has certainly made an imprint on how I look at fashion, and will forever be one I reference when looking to get dressed in the morning. The aesthetics, including silhouettes, prints and accessories that go alongside bohemian style are what make the movement so unique and memorable. That being said, it comes as no surprise that dozens of designers, including Rachel Zoe, have imitated these elements to create one-of-a-kind looks that perfectly represent the lifestyle of  a nonconformist.

In her resort 2016 collection, Rachel Zoe incorporates many of the distinguishing bohemian aesthetics with a touch of her signature flair, reviving prominent trends of the past while keeping current to modern trends. From low-back numbers and side-slits to fringe and fur, what stood out the most was the overabundance of wide openings via both bell and bubble-sleeved blouses, as well as wide-legged pants in multiple colors and fabrics. Seemingly available at any fast-fashion retailer these days, both items in their many forms are more accessible than ever before.

Taking inspiration from Rachel Zoe’s resort 2016 collection, I opted to incorporate her usage of the bell-sleeved blouse into my own outfit, but shied away from a flashy color palette and instead stuck to the hottest color for summer for my top, white. I paired my blouse with blue jean cut-off shorts and black sandals to keep the look casual.

Get My Look: 1. Bell-sleeved blouse. 2. Cut-off shorts. 3. Wide strap sandals.