STYLE GURU STYLE: Tailored Statements

Tailored garments are a constant and unceasing menswear trend. I consider them to be the most delightful and diligent types of clothes, as they graciously showcase my personality and provide a sense of opulence on my daily looks. For us Style Gurus, it is crucial to have a deep knowledge about trends. We always have to truthfully and extensively understand them in order to report them to the world at large. Personally, I enjoy staying ahead of trends, leading my way onto the season by conscientiously choosing transcendent pieces for me. However, being ‘trendy’ once in a while in the season is always fun.

Quite a substantial amount of designers at the current season implemented tailored pieces. Marc Jacobs spring 2015 menswear is a superior and high quality example of how tailored fits are found out throughout spring and summer 2015 and what I took direct inspiration from. Another designer brand, which, coincidentally, related with this trendy look, was Dolce&Gabbana spring 2015 menswear. The specific seasonal trend from the famed brand that I embraced on my look is the shawl lapel.

The cherished occasion that allowed me to experiment with high-end trends like this was my high school graduation and, subsequently, my prom. This was the perfect occasion to deeply experiment with the tailored trend. As mentioned before, tailored garments are always constant throughout menswear, therefore, rather than them being a trend, they become a regular classic piece of clothing. This is why, by wearing a tailored outfit, I stayed ahead of trends and spiced it up with my own mix. I started by selecting an evening suit with shawl lapels, as this cut is completely appropriate to formal events. For someone with a fondness for color like me, styling clothes for evening events can be tough. However, I found the perfect combination between a blue suit with patterns and a black lapel with its matching blue pants and black shoes. The shawl lapel, used by Dolce&Gabbana, is ideal for my haircut and my face type. The continuous curved cut had a contrast with the previously mentioned pointy features of mine. Following this, the tailored shirt color that matched the best with this look was white, as it adds a discrete, yet notable, highlight to the black elements. More so, the slim gray tie with patterns was also intentionally selected to enlighten the whole look.

The whole outfit comes back to the most significant spring summer 2015 menswear trend. My ideal fashion statements are the ones that can express duality. The tailored statement acted up as both, a game of staying ahead of trends and being current.

I highly encourage you to dress in a truthful and presentable way. Like Miuccia Prada says, “What you wear is how you present yourself to the world, especially today, when human contacts are so quick. Fashion is instant language.”

Get My Look: 1. Tailored shawl lapel suit with matching pants. 2. Piqué white shirt. 3. Black pointy evening shoes.