May 5th, 2017 at 2:00am

As we near the end of the semester, many find that their favorite season is right around the corner: summer. While we admire the wonderful spring weather in New York, students like myself have been itching to shed our layers and finally let some skin see the light of day!

For this look, I created a simple aesthetic that is as sweet as summer itself. I started with a straightforward outfit with a bold sense of style: a white Brandy Melville T-shirt and a black skirt. While the coord is simple with its black and white color scheme, the beautiful embroidery on the T-shirt and the cute suspenders on the skirt give off a playful vibe.

Meanwhile, the black and white base allows me to pair the outfit with almost any other article of clothing. While summer is great for showing off those shoulders, one may grow chilly when running through rain showers or splashing around at the beach. For both convenience and style, I added a graphic windbreaker. The windbreaker I advise is something lightweight, well ventilated, and just a little oversize to add more style. The base outfit looks modern with its color blocking, but the white windbreaker nods to a retro look while adding a splash of color to the outfit with its decals. As the base shirt and skirt are form fitting, the windbreaker is flexible and moves with you as you walk around the city or the suburbs.

Next, I focused on the accessories that complement the outfit. Note that I kept jewelry on the down low and used accessories that were easy to adorn or remove. For example, I paired a casual pink baseball cap with the pink lining of the graphic windbreaker and wore white Converse to keep the coord’s bright white coherency.

Lastly, I turned to my makeup to complete the outfit. I personally love this portion of my routine—putting on my own style of makeup further personalizes my outfit. Make getting ready for the day just as fun and exciting as the day itself. Show your true colors! Are you as bright as the summer sky? Add blue eyeshadow! Or maybe you’re as graceful as a sunset—add pink! I showed off my inner sweetness by adding a couple hearts to line my cheekbones by using heart stickers as a template to on dab eyeshadow and blush. Don’t forget to add highlighter for an instant glow up!

Regardless of what you’re wearing this summer, remember that you are what makes your outfit stunning. The accessories that you select, the makeup that you come up with, and the way you carry yourself is key to creating a traffic-stopping look. The clothes, makeup, and accessories only serve the bring out the beauty that you naturally have, and one should never feel obligated to stick to conservative or trending fashions because they are in style; a Fashionista selects her clothes based on what she loves about herself.