STYLE GURU STYLE: Sweater Weather

Spring break snuck up on me this year but boy am I happy to have a break! For my vacation this year, we decided to ditch the heat and go with some hot cocoa and snowmen in Colorado. As I was packing for the trip, I got to pile my suitcase full of my favorite article of clothing: sweaters. While Texas is generally too hot for my Madewell and Wildfox pullovers, Colorado offers a perfect escape into the colder side of my wardrobe.

For this look, I pulled out my favorite cozy sweater. During Austin’s winter (if you could even call our December cold), I bought this in hopes of it being cold enough to wear. However, it’s the perfect vacation turtleneck. Great for layering but also perfect for the indoors, this sweater ties together all of my favorite styles. From the sweater’s minimalist feel to the soft wool, this piece is my go-to for colder days.

A winter outfit is never complete without the perfect flowing scarf. This particular scarf is a mixture of pink and blue, which ties back into the color of my pants and beanie. What I loved most about this scarf was the way these colors combine, creating a dreamy pastel color. While the beanie and pants also have the similar pink in them, I think the blue in the scarf allows for a contrast that the outfit was otherwise lacking.

Being able to pull out my winter coat for this trip was also extremely exciting for me. I love playing with the fluffy hood and hiding beneath the line of fur. However, Colorado is still quite sunny despite the chill in the air. These sunglasses were a perfect fit for the outfit. The warm tones of the gold contrasts the other colors in my outfit. I also love the little carved details on the sides of the glasses themselves.

While I’m going to be extremely sad to put away the winter clothes at the end of my trip, I hope that this look will give you a little inspiration for your next adventure. Don’t forget, pack those sweaters, colorful scarves, and sunglasses. There’s no place too cold for fashion.