STYLE GURU STYLE: Summertime Yes-ness

It’s summertime! The time for graduations, barbecues, endless sunshine-filled days, and lots of adventures. With summer, comes new places, friends, memories, and of course, new outfits! From taking classes, working summer jobs, to spontaneous road trips, and everything in between, summer is the time to do and wear something that excites you.

Writing for CollegeFashionista has been one of the most rewarding experiences that has inspired and challenged me. It has only furthered my love for the fashion industry, as well as fashion journalism. I have learned so much about what it means to form a personal brand, how to form relationships, how to be different, and what it means to be a Fashionista. Throughout these last few months, I have been inspired by many fashionable people, that I wanted to create a look that shows how my personal style has changed and grown through this constant exposure to creativity.

My personal motto in life is to be fearless. Something that used to scare me was really bright colors and loud statement pieces. For so long, I always kept to the basics so that I would blend in with everyone else. However, in high school and college, I decided to ditch that and instead wore what made me feel empowered. My confidence grew and has truly made me who I am today.

Since we just had commencement at the University of Arizona, I got the chance to talk to the seniors, and I asked what they would have done differently if they could experience college all over again. Someone very close to me said, “I should say yes more.” You’re only in college once and there is no other time in our lives that can fabricate the magic that happens in those four years.

In response to that, I wanted to create a perfect look that could be worn at any event in college, one that makes you stand out from the crowd, and one that people could make their own. I went to a local boutique and saw this bright orange, floral romper and was immediately drawn to it. Next to it were these funky, mauve, chunky heels, that I knew I could strut around campus, and dance all night in! To finish off the look, I found these reflective Quay Australia sunglasses that were the perfect accent piece.  Together, the look screamed fearlessness, confidence, and someone who wasn’t scared of saying yes to new experiences.

As my internship with CollegeFashionista comes to a close, I cannot thank my fellow Style Gurus and the CollegeFashionista team for all of their comments, and advice on my writing, style, and personal brand. I know I will carry this experience with me as I finish my last two years of college, and I can’t wait to see how it continues to shape me long after I graduate. Always remember to say yes and be fearless in life! As for now, this #CollegeFashionista is now #CFOffline.