STYLE GURU STYLE: Summertime Survival

Summer has officially arrived in New York City, and with it comes temperatures in the ’90s and a sun hot enough to melt away even the best foundation. Styling yourself for any occasion can be difficult with the voice inside your head warning you that no matter how cute you look, it is inevitable that you will be boiling within the hour. How will we Fashionistas/os make it to autumn?

Taking some cues from Misha Nonoo’s 2016 resort Collection makes this seemingly impossible feat just a little bit more possible. Nonoo specializes in day to play style that is both appropriate and fashionable enough to wear for any occasion. Stepping out of the office and out to lunch or for a stroll in the park is as simple as ever with her versatile take on summer attire. Nonoo put her own touch on the basic cotton shirt by adding a bell sleeve, zip openings and ‘X’ marks the spot details. Everyone knows that cotton is ideal for summertime heat, so not only does this collection catch the eye, but it also saves every Fashionista/o from becoming a hot mess.

Although I would have loved to snag every piece of the collection for myself, I had to settle for only using it as inspiration. White and cotton are the perfect summer combination, so I chose a white, cotton mini dress with a flowy fit that allows air to pass through it easily. No matter how hot the sun gets in the afternoon, I will always be comfortable in this lightweight material. To add my own style to this otherwise simple look, I chose a woven tote by Latico Leathers and my favorite pair of metallic, heeled sandals. Finishing off the look was easy with my go-to Ray-Ban aviators and a vintage watch with gold detailing. Throwing my short hair into a simple ponytail was a must to avoid any excess heat.

This look was not only simple to put together, but it allowed me to accomplish all of my day’s work and errands without any of the usual summer style issues. The white and cotton combination will always be in style, but it is up to you to make it your own.

Get My Look: 1. Perfect cotton ensemble. 2. Statement sandals. 3. A basket-style tote.