By now, the summer is in full swing, and Fashionistas/os everywhere are well into their summer internship positions. Whether working in the fashion industry or otherwise, it’s always important to make a stellar impression on your first day of work. You never know who could turn out to be of great value to your future career.

But it can be difficult to dress accordingly (what does ‘business-casual’ even mean nowadays?), especially during these hot months. Being an intern in New York City is stressful enough. You have to work tirelessly to prove yourself in the office and are expected to network with peers and professionals all while navigating this concrete jungle in 90 percent humidity. So to ease some of that work-related pressure, I came up with a summer uniform to get me through. Instead of trying too hard to incorporate trends and statement pieces into my attire, as I’m so often guilty of doing, I took on a more minimalist approach. Maybe it was the nerves I had on my first day at a new job or maybe it was New York’s classic style that was already getting to me, but all I wanted to do was fit in with the hoards of corporate professionals hustling and bustling through the Midtown streets. But there was no way I was going to walk out the door without putting my own updated twist on a classic business uniform.

I looked to none other than The Row when getting dressed for work that day. The Olsen twins are an undeniable force in the fashion world, known for their consistency in elevated minimalist designs. Their pre-fall 2015 collection did a fabulous job at presenting these refined looks that we all know and love them for. Muted colors, monochromatic pairings and simplistic layering are the prominent themes in this collection. By far, the simple white slides on the feet of every model were my favorite, proving that even casual sandals can be a summer go-to with almost anything.

With a fresh dose of inspiration from fashion’s all-star sister duo, I felt a renewed vision on how to approach dressing for my internship. It can be as simple as pared-down essentials to make a refined statement. Start with a solid pair of trousers that are truly transcendent of the season. Then, swap your typical long sleeve blouse for a sleeveless version and opt for a casual (key word: comfortable) shoe that you can wear almost every day, just like these white sneakers. Finally, add that finishing touch of polish with a mini handbag that doubles as a cross-body bag—a perfect halfway point between the college world and the professional world!

Get My Look: 1. Tapered trousers. 2. Sleeveless shirt. 3. Simple sneakers.