STYLE GURU STYLE: Summer Trends and the Value of Comfort

The verdict is in: it’s almost officially time for summer! Which means it’s time to whip out those short shorts and cotton T-shirts and get your tan on!

I mentioned it before, but summer is my favorite season, especially when it comes to fashion. Hey, I was born in India so it only makes sense. First off, summer lets me appreciate my body more and we should all practice more self-love. It also means less dreary days and overcast clouds: the sun is out and we should celebrate!

My favorite go-to trends for the summer include shorts—especially high-waisted ones—and a simple T-shirt that has a little something special. In this case, I decided to jump on the off-the-shoulder trend, which seemed to come out of nowhere in the last year or so. But hey, it works, and this kind of top especially fits the vibes of summer I’m going for this year, free flowing and independently great.

Lately, Philadelphia has had obnoxiously hot weather, which means breaking out the sandals. I have had this particular pair for so long I actually forget when I got them. They have lasted me through the years, though, and I didn’t even need to sacrifice comfort for style, which is an important factor when it comes to shoes.

For everyday wear, we should always be mindful of being comfortable, especially if you live the hustle and bustle lifestyle. I know the saying, “For the sake of fashion,” but hey, if fashion icons like Michelle Obama and Chrissy Teigen can rock comfortable looks with style, we can too.