STYLE GURU STYLE: Summer Stripes

My favorite clothing items to throw on in the summer are my pair of high-waisted jean shorts and a crop top. It’s an easy outfit to put together and it guarantees you a comfortable day. With a pair of loose fitted shorts you can choose to wear a tight crop top or a loose crop top. But with a tighter jean short, I think it looks better to wear a loose fitted top. But really, it is all about what you feel most comfortable in. The more comfortable you are in an outfit, the more confidence you have and the key to owning an outfit is all about confidence. There are some clothes I own that are a little out there but as long as I put my best foot forward I know that I can rock it. As Oscar De La Renta once said about confidence, “Walk like you have three men walking behind you.”

Patterns are a fun way to make the classic T-shirt  and short combo stand out. I was inspired by Mara Hoffman’s resort 2016 collection, which had a slew of cheerful colors and bold patterns. The line was also very warm and made me want to rewind this summer and start all over again (just so I can wear all of her clothes). She utilized stripes with a couple of funky styled rompers. She accessorized with tan sandals and tan sunglasses. The laid back, colorful collection really made me want to excite up my wardrobe for the remainder of the summer.

I decided to wear a loose striped crop top T-shirt with high-waisted light wash jeans and white Converse sneakers, along with a small black cross-body bag. I decided to wear my classic Ray-Bans and bright red lipstick to brighten up the look. I wore a couple of different rings to complete the look. With my hair in a bun, I was ready for a hot and casual summer day.

Get My Look: 1. Crop top T-Shirt. 2. Ray-Bans. 3. High-Waisted shorts. 4. Converse.