May 26th, 2017 at 2:00am

As the temperatures start to peak for the first time this year, and the school year comes to an end, I am so glad to finally take a break from my first long, enduring year of college and just bask in the sun and (literally) do nothing but relax. With the sun out and a light breeze in the air, I leave my jackets, long sleeves, and jeans for the clothes that have been calling my name since last summer.

Even though the sun may have called for something more colorful, I decided to stick with a signature monochromatic outfit: all black. Even so, the light fabric and exposed skin allowed for perfect comfort, even with the sun glaring down on me.

I chose to go for a more casual, summer street style look that could have been easily worn in all day long. With a black off-the-shoulder top tucked into a denim skirt, I channeled ongoing summer trends to the maximum. With a shirt so light and breezy, I was able to comfortably wear it out while walking throughout almost the entire day. I wore a pair of black casual sneakers and added a brown belt, tying the outfit together, while also adding a slight change of color. To accessorize, I chose some simple silver jewelry to help finish off my entire look.

Even though black has been my color of choice it seems all year long, the promise of warmth, way more sun, and rising temperatures will allow me to hopefully add some more color to my palette. Ultimately, as our finals (finally) end and we leave for our summer breaks, I reminisce about the past semester as a Style Guru and my first year of college, and I cannot help but remember the triumphs and tribulations I have faced. More importantly though, the resounding amount of positive memories I have made thus far propel and inspire all I do, and hope to continue to do as a Style Guru and student, this summer, and forever.