Don’t we all wish that we could wear looks straight off the runway every day? I certainly do. Especially since all of the looks are perfectly coiffed, with hair and makeup to the nines that perfectly complement the outfit. And shoes! How do our favorite designers pull off such strange combinations that many would never dream of? They’re simply creative geniuses.

Sometimes the most memorable fashion moments are also the most daring and unexpected (Rihanna’s dress at the 2014 CFDA Awards, anyone?). The looks from the Valentino resort 2017 runway show are the perfect example of combining unexpected items to make a look that serves as an appropriate outfit for any occasion. The show features a mix of both unpredictable and sophisticated designs paired together, including striped sweaters paired with floral skirts and tough leather jackets over frilly lace dresses.

I was inspired by Valentino’s example of combining “opposites” in my own outfit. Adding more masculine styles to feminine styles makes an outfit that may normally be a bit dressy into an edgy daytime outfit, perfect for class or a day shopping.

My slightly destroyed twill jacket in a light brown color with lace-up details and zippers juxtaposes the lace of my dress to make a Valentino-inspired quirky conundrum. While the white dress may have been too fancy on its own, the jacket enables it to cross the fashion spectrum as both daywear and nightwear. A pop of magenta with my kate spade purse and “puff ball” adds even more fun and surprise to the look. I topped it off with a pair of high-heeled clogs. For jewelry I paired a short gold necklace with my coat hanger charm necklace.

The next time you just cannot seem to find anything to wear, mix and match clothes you never thought you could! You never know what may come of it.

Get My Look: 1. White lace or crochet dress. 2. High-heeled clogs. 3. Twill jacket.