STYLE GURU STYLE: Summer Classics

While searching through for a designer’s look that inspired me, I came across a man named Adam Selman. To be honest I never heard of him before. (I know right, shame on me. I am a fashion merchandising major for goodness sakes). Turns out Selman designed Rihanna’s scandalous sheer crystal dress for the CFDA Awards. Of course they both made headlines in every newspaper, Twitter trend and news broadcast. I for one, really enjoy his take on fashion and how it is youthful and slightly suggestive. He pretty much goes against many fashion guidelines that people have followed for centuries, and I think it is refreshing to see.

I was really inspired by his 2015 spring fashion show. He brought a very nostalgic ’80s vibe to his clothes, which I thoroughly appreciated. That is how I came across this little number in my closet. First things first, I had to get the right shoes. That one was easy because I had white Converse All-Stars waiting for me in the battle field I call my shoe rack. I purchased them for 20 dollars at DSW, and knowing I got the shoes cheaper than I would at Journey’s makes me feel fantastic.

The second thing I checked off my list were the high-waisted flowy pants I bought at H&M a few years ago. Yes, I bought them years ago, and I wear these pants more than anything. We have been through a lot together; such as me tripping on the bottom hem in the middle of a busy intersection and scraping my knees and hands, but that is a story for another time.

Third, but certainly not least, is the graphic Forever 21 crop top. This top can do one of two things, be tucked into the pants or left flowing. Personally, my favorite is having the looked tucked in because it accentuates the shape of any body. Either way, the outfit is perfectly acceptable and can work as long as you feel comfortable.

Channel your inner ’80s kid and get inspired by Adam Selman. He is truly your go-to designer if you like carefree, comfortable yet a risque look.

Get My Look: 1. Graphic T-shirt crop top. 2. High-waisted flowy pants. 3. Converse All-Stars.