Over the knee boots and suede are two of the highlights of this season. Whether it is adding suede in subtle ways or making it apart of your whole outfit, suede has been seen in all different styles. One of the most popular ways suede is used this year has been in boots. From boots to dresses, suede helps add a romantic feel to any outfit.

My inspiration for this outfit came from the thoughts of where I might wear it. With the holiday season almost over, I instantly thought of what would be an easy, sophisticated outfit for any holiday party in the future. This outfit is perfect to wear when you want to feel comfortable without looking like you just rolled out of bed.

Wearing all black is something I have been noticing more and more in my style. You can never go wrong with a black garment—it will match everything and always look good. This button-down black dress is such a great choice for any type of party. It has a looser feel, yet is more fitted, outlining the curves of the body. This allowed me to feel more confident without making me feel uncomfortable in my own skin. I added a simple layered necklace to bring more attention to the details of the dress.

The boots were the highlight of this outfit. Over the knee boots have been seen on all the celebrities and top fashion bloggers. One of my favorite looks has been matching the boots with a short length dress, allowing the leg to show a little. The high-length boot with the short dress will keep you warm in the colder months without having the bundled, over-layered look.

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