STYLE GURU STYLE: Subtle Patterns

The hardest thing about analyzing a runway show is changing it to fit your style. However, Vivienne Westwood’s Red Label fall 2015 collection makes it super simple. Her bold colors and patterns are what attracted me. She varies in color from very bold yellows and oranges to metallic to the simplest black. She uses these colors and patterns in her tops, skirts and pants. This new collection can easily be transformed to fit anyone’s style with just a couple little tweaks.

What particularly stood out to me about this runway show was how she effortlessly paired these bold patterns with equally vibrant pants and skirts. However, I am not as daring as she is, so I stuck with a simple black and white patterned tunic top and simple bottoms. Although my outfit isn’t as crazy as the runway show reflects, one has to start somewhere!

My tunic top is a perfect place to begin with patterns. This black and white toned top can ultimately be paired with anything, making a Fashionista/o’s life much easier. To keep with the subtle style, I wore comfy leggings and my favorite over-the-knee boots. I was going to a business meeting, so I paired a simple boyfriend blazer to tie the whole look together. Once the weather gets warmer, I can definitely see myself wearing patterned bottoms with a more simple top, just like the runway show.

Vivienne Westwood’s collection may not have been in my comfort zone as far as colors and patterns, but it has given me options on how I can slowly start bringing more tints and hues into my look.

Get My Look: 1. A simple patterned top. 2. Over-the-knee boots. 3. Simple bottoms.