STYLE GURU STYLE: Style is Simple

Nowadays at Elon, everything is about simplicity. We’re coming to the end of winter term, a time in our year when students only have to focus on one class for an entire three weeks. It’s when we have more free time than we’ve ever had before, and we typically relax, hang out and enjoy participating in campus organizations before we return to our typically busy schedules during spring semester. So, I thought that this simple, sporty look from Alexandre Vauthier’s spring 2015 ready-to-wear collection was perfect for the feel of my university’s winter term.

Look 12 is no-fuss, but the simplicity of it makes it so chic. My twist on it was much less sporty, but I still wanted to stick to the monochromatic, tough girl feel. I opted for a cotton, black T-shirt dress as the main component for my outfit. Not many of us have designer shin guards available in our closets, so my version of this accessory was my over-the-knee socks paired with black combat boots. I wanted to keep the look simple, so I only added a gemstone necklace along with my sheer tights.

The Vauthier show is one that’s hard to adapt to a college student’s wardrobe, but it definitely inspired me to take more chances with mixing chic leather, sporty mesh and feminine chiffon all together in a seemingly simple look that’s actually multidimensional. After seeing this collection, I’d definitely feel more confident rocking a pair of glamorous strappy sandals, a tailored blazer and flowy evening dresses to various events. It’s a very daring collection that challenges the inner bad girl in all of us.

Get My Look: 1. Sheer black tights. 2. A T-shirt dress. 3. Solid colored over-the-knee socks.