Hey, Fashionistas/os! So far, we’ve had a beautiful start to summer here in Connecticut, and with beautiful weather comes beautiful outfits and styles! This week, however, I’ve decided to let you in on one of my own looks.

For those of us who follow runway shows, we can agree that it is one of the most fun things to see the work of our favorite designers and to watch out for trends to look forward to in the near future. It’s great to see the firsthand looks and styles of certain runway shows, and to mold them into our own looks, using our own personal styles.

In my case, I focused on Alexander Wang’s fall 2016 runway show. It consists of neutral colors: black, white, gray, green khaki and some tan. It follows a military theme and a boyfriend theme, with lots of boxy shoulders, leather, blazers and oversized fits. The show included a significant amount of trench coats and military jackets, as well as slouchy, large shirt dresses and skirts that fall below the knee. All the looks are paired with black leather platform sandals.

To recreate this overall style and look, I wear my slouchy, green khaki military dress from Jack Wills. It falls in the same tomboy, military theme as Alexander Wang’s runway look. This comes from the green khaki, the slouch and boyfriend fit and the button and pocket details. It has almost a careless feel and style to it, but it is still rich in quality, color and detail. For a jacket, I wear one that is the same shape and length as the dress to correlate with the same theme. It has a nice, subtle collar and is a perfect neutral navy. Finally, I wear my black leather platform sandals from Steve Madden to complete the outfit. The shoes have a flat platform bottom and are also black and leather like the ones in Alexander Wang’s show, but they are more suited for my personal style. To finish off the look, I wear a black leather Michael Kors bag that suits the outfit because of the leather combined with a bohemian shape.

Get My Look: 1. A comfortable, loose military green shirtdress. 2. Edgy platform sandals. 3. A black leather bag.