The past weeks have been a friendly reminder of why Gainesville has been nicknamed “Rainsville.” The gloomy weather and torrential downpour have left me wet and uninspired. With overcast skies that look like they’re ready to let loose without warning, the only thing I want to do is hibernate in my room and binge watch TV shows. Unfortunately, I have mounds of accumulating homework and classes to attend. On days like these, I don’t want to bother with layering or tons of accessories; I keep my outfits minimal but comfortable.

It was during one of those rainy days that I came across the Dior Homme fall 2015 menswear collection. I love the way Kris Van Assche juxtaposes the fun, youthful floral pins against the timeless suit silhouettes. Using the pins to replace real flowers captures your attention and is far more intriguing than traditional flowers. Finally inspired, I decided to give this trend a try.

Pinned against, pun intended, the more popular accessories, like necklaces, earrings and rings, pins are often forgotten or unnoticed. But as this collection demonstrated, when worn against a single color palette or print, the pins actually stand out. I went for a dark color palette of blues and blacks, hoping the brightly colored pins would pop.

There’s no rhyme or reason behind why I chose each pin. I think the more random and unrelated the pins are, the more interesting the outfit becomes. Band pins, like this white Kishi Bashi pin, are a great way to wear your favorite band’s cover art. The next pin is a Lil’ Bub pin that actually came in a pack of four. I’m a crazy animal lady at heart, but I think four cat pins on my jacket would be a bit too much. I have a pin from Shelfies, a clothing company specializing in the raddest printed pieces. And finally, a CLAS pin I found on the ground somewhere in Gainesville. If I wasn’t a journalism major, I would probably have ended up in the liberal arts and sciences college.

I’m a T-shirt and jeans kind of girl, so I love these DIY ripped jeans that add the perfect amount of “cool” to any casual outfit. I also shredded the cuffs to make them look extra worn in. To keep the outfit from looking too sloppy, I added what I like to call my pilgrim shoes. Their patent sheen and gold band balance out the deconstructed elements of the jeans, while the sturdy block heel is perfect for stepping through puddles without getting your feet wet.

Get My Look: 1. Cool pins. 2. Ripped jeans. 3. Shiny shoes.