STYLE GURU STYLE: Stuck In Paradise

August 24th, 2015 at 2:10am

The tropical, botanical or how I like to call it, “the paradise” trend is all the rage this summer. I literally cannot scroll down my Instagram feed without coming across some cute, tropical foliage pattern. Valentino’s 2015 resort fashion show was no exception. The looks showcased a variety of paradise-inspired embroidery along with wild monkeys, butterflies and exotic flowers. Tropical patterns are limitless to what they can include since the naturally wild colors do a great job of complementing each other.

Even with the popularity of this print, I could not find any cute clothing pieces that lived up to Valentino’s designs or the infamous Instagram posts. Therefore, I stuck with a basic tropical print that was more my style and could pass for a neutral. I chose to opt out of a bright color scheme since I wanted this piece to become a versatile staple. This print has the power to stand out on its own or to be paired with other pieces for a great transitional item between seasons. It can also be an easy go-to piece for those last minute paradise vacations.

Have tropical prints become the new black or should I say the new camouflage in paradise? I would not go as far as to say this, but botanical patterns have surely become a staple for a fresh summer look.

As we all say farewell to summer, I am stuck in my own little paradise dreading the end of late mornings and the start of long study sessions. But never fear! There are many great experiences to come. Smile and say, “Here I come, and I am ready!”

Get My Look: 1. Anything with a great tropical print (culottes, top or slip dress). 2. Strappy sandals. 3. Cute sunglasses.