STYLE GURU STYLE: Structured Military Style

I don’t know about you, but I found myself absolutely mesmerized by the most recent Balmain Homme spring 2016 runway show that took place at Paris Men’s Fashion Week. (#BalmainArmy, anyone?) The incorporation of structured pieces of neutral tones and military greens provide a very sharp and intricate look that is easily transferrable from day to night. If you tend to gravitate towards neutral tones like myself, you will love to adopt the structured military trend into your personal style. This trend provides statement pieces that can effortlessly be paired with both your standard wardrobe staples or striking pieces alike to curate a bold look without bright colours or patterns.

To translate the Balmain Homme spring 2016 runway styles into my own unique look, I combined two pieces that each demonstrate elements of the Balmain collection. The crisp white Cameo Collective button-down exemplifies the structured element, as it is complete with a tie to be able to fit seamlessly with your body shape. I decided to add a pair of military green-coloured pants from Urban Outfitters that incorporate intricate detailing with patches of different textures and a knotted hem at the ankle.

When the primary pieces of the outfit include such detail and precision, the accessories can be kept minimal. I personally opted for no accessories as to keep the entire focus on the unique elements that are already incorporated into the clothing pieces. But of course, a Fashionista/o always has to rock a great bag, am I right? In order to maintain cohesiveness with the deep color of the pants, I added a Want Les Essentiels De La Vie leather bag in a deep burgundy shade to flawlessly align with the pants. The embossed leather detailing on both sides of the purse add to the structured component of the outfit. Personally, I love how it opens like a doctor bag for the perfect aerial view of all of the (somewhat arbitrary) necessities held in your bag.

All together, structured military attire will have you feeling and looking put together. The meticulous detail and intricacy will take you one step further from a classic minimalistic look while still remaining in the neutral color family.

Get My Look: 1. A structured button-down of neutral shade. 2. Military green trousers. 3. A structured deep-toned purse.