STYLE GURU STYLE: Stripes, Red and Bomber Jacket

STYLE GURU STYLE: Stripes, Red and Bomber Jacket

It has always been a dream of mine to own a wardrobe full of clothes from alice + olivia. However, I’m not about to drop thousands of dollars, so while I wait for my alice + olivia fairy godmother, I’m left to improvise and create an alice + olivia style in my own wardrobe (which is honestly much more fun anyway).

I looked towards the alice + olivia resort 2017 collection for inspiration because I’m all about bomber jackets, the high waist, the color red, animated patches and, of course, stripes! Using these elements as my inspiration, I created a look that is both fun and classic as Alice and Olivia intended their collection to be.

While I do love the formality of alice + olivia’s style, I thought it’d be interesting to create a more grunge/sporty outfit using the same trends of the runway show. I wore a striped shirt as my main piece and paired it with high waisted jean shorts that added the classic and casual elements of the collection to my outfit. I definitely think that while jean shorts are for the most part casual, high-waisted jean shorts make an outfit a little more put together while also adding a vintage touch. This high-waist was a big trend in the show that made all the outfits look quite sophisticated.

Now time for the details, my favorite part! To make an otherwise simple outfit fun, I wore a bomber jacket with striped detailing on the cuffs and collar and animated patches over top. These details were apparent in the collection and added some depth to an otherwise simple and sophisticated collection. I chose to accessorize my look with red lipstick and red socks, not only to add that little pop of color that was so prominent in the runway show, but to also represent the classic and quirky style of the collection. I like to say I invented the quirky trend of socks sticking out of shoes even though, let’s face it, I probably didn’t, but this trend definitely can add to any outfit and is a fun way to do so. Pick your favorite polka dot socks, pull them up a tad higher than your shoe and BAM! You have transformed your outfit.

I loved how this look came together! The elements that I incorporated are classic and can be used in so many different ways. This outfit in itself is sporty and grunge, yet classic. It really does make a statement. I will definitely be wearing this look a lot this summer because I love how it represents alice + olivia, but I love it even more because it represents me.

Get My Look: 1. Bomber jacket; 2. Striped shirt; 3. Jean shorts; 4. Lipstick