STYLE GURU STYLE: Stripes on Stripes

September 15th, 2016 at 2:10am
STYLE GURU STYLE: Stripes on Stripes

The blaring heat of summer is still in full swing as we reach the month of September. I don’t know if I’m happy that I can still wear dresses everyday, or worried that I’ll have less time to wear my cozy autumn clothing before winter comes around. Nevertheless, I love to wear T-shirt dresses throughout the year, whether I have to wear them with warm tights in the winter or with sandals in the summer. What I love most about T-shirt dresses is how you can dress them up or down. For instance, you can add a colorful statement necklace and wear heels to a fancy dinner, or throw on some sneakers when you have plans to eat out with friends!

I bought this T-shirt dress from Forever 21’s online store a few months ago, and was hesitant to add it to my cart for a number of reasons. Since I’m 5 feet 7, finding dresses that fit properly and aren’t too short is a daily struggle of mine. When I finally received this dress in the mail, I was hoping for the best when I ripped it out of the plastic and tried it on. To my surprise, it fit perfectly. For others who have this problem, I have a few tips that I’ve tried out myself. The first tip is that if you think your dress is likely to rise up too much, then wear a pair of shorts underneath. I cannot count the number of times I’ve worn my dark grey Soffe or spandex shorts underneath dresses that weren’t exactly past fingertip length. Another tip is to wear tights, because they’re a great way to spice up your outfit and make sure your dress isn’t overexposing yourself.

As I mentioned in my Style Guru Bio, I absolutely love incorporating stripes in my outfits which is why I chose to pair my adidas sneakers with this striped T-shirt dress. If I was in my hometown in New Jersey, I’d probably wear a pair of simple black sandals with this dress, but since I’m living in New York City for college, I knew sneakers would make my feet very happy as I walked to brunch that morning. I also decided to wear my black sunglasses and carry my trusty cream handbag.

Even though this look is incredibly simple, I feel like it describes my personal style: a fusion of minimalism and comfort.