STYLE GURU STYLE: Stripes and the Snow

STYLE GURU STYLE: Stripes and the Snow

The weather in Toronto can be really aggravating for a Fashionista because I’m often forced to bundle up and sacrifice style. However, there are some days when I’d rather be a little bit colder than be stopped by the fashion police. So, for this look, I decided to wear stripes in the snow.

The centerpiece of this outfit is obviously the striped turtleneck. It’s a French girl classic and can really be worn with anything. Just last week I wore it under a dress, which proves the item’s versatility. For this look, however, I chose a pair of light-wash cropped jeans because they seemed like a more effortless choice.

In order to ensure I wouldn’t freeze, I needed to add another layer. I’ve always adored trench coats because they can make any outfit look really sharp while keeping me warm. I added a black wool trench coat to this outfit and I find that it acts as the base for the ensemble.

You’ve also probably noticed that I love to accessorize, which is contrary to the French girl style philosophy that I try to live by. But, I guess I’m a maximalist when it comes to accessories; maybe more is more? So, I added a little vintage purse that my grandma actually gifted to me. Next, is the brooch on my jacket, which is also gold, and ties in well with the purse’s chain.

The ladybug necklace is my good luck charm and so I wear it every day. I love when people have signature necklaces because it’s very Carrie Bradshaw and she too was not one to let a little bad weather stop her from looking fabulous.

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