STYLE GURU STYLE: Stripes and Plaid

Hello again lovelies! I am back to show you my style and specifically how I love to mix stripes with plaid! Normally, one would assume they do not go together. Honestly, most of the time those that assume that are right. But part of my style is taking those things that people say do not go together and making them go together in a way I find stylish! I love to mix patterns and see what fashion concoctions I can create. In my wardrobe, I own a lot of stripes and a lot of plaid. Sometimes, I am found creating an outfit with my staple striped T-shirts and my staple plaid shirts. It is a simple mixture that will make you stand out and show the confidence in your style!

Personally, I greatly enjoy the clashing patterns that make a large statement in how the outfit goes together. If you do not stand out, do you have style? When deciding whether or not I can mix the stripes and plaid together, I first decided if the colors will flow together in a pleasing way. If the colors do not create a balance, then most likely they will not look good together. But in this look, I really enjoy the mix of the bright white and black striped T-shirt with the dark red and navy plaid shirt. I feel as though adding this makes a pop in patterns that greatly stands out and will be noticed as you are strutting down the sidewalk to class.

With this outfit, I added some casual cut-off shorts to match with the black and white of my striped T-shirt. And to finish this casual look, I chose to add my favorite white Converse to match with all of the above colors and bring it all together.

Get My Look: 1. a striped T-shirt 2. A flannel shirt that will complement the T-shirt. 3. A pair of black skinny cut-off shorts. 4. Finally, add a pair of your favorite white sneakers to round off the outfit!