STYLE GURU STYLE: Stripes and Florals

After scrolling through my Vogue Runway app, I stumbled upon the Alice + Olivia resort 2017 show and was instantly inspired. The collection is a mix of dainty florals and sharp geometric stripes and lines, but somehow they effortlessly combine. There was something so intriguing to me about the mixing of these two patterns, because they seem to be polar opposites but work so well together.

For me, this was all about finding contrasting pieces that worked in harmony. Because I am not daring enough to commit to runway trends, I made it my own by taming it to a street style look but keeping the essence. I worked to create a look that used the runway ideas but made it wearable and easy for the everyday girl.

After finding my floral midi skirt, it was time to decide on a top. This proved to be harder than it seemed; finding something that doesn’t match, but matches at the same time. I carried my skirt with me in my purse as I went from store to store, but everything I picked up seemed to match too well or not well enough. What I learned about this trend is that it takes patience and a certain eye to decide what you think works. After finding this simple and classic top, I knew I had found the one. The classic stripes and the tropical skirt, along with my cheetah print sandals, did exactly what I wanted them to do together: they clashed in the most intentional way.

Get My Look: 1. Patterned skirt. 2. Geometric top. 3. Funky patterned shoes.