STYLE GURU STYLE: Stripe Up Your Life

The most exciting part about summer is the clothes. First of all, it is shorts and skirts season. Second, there are so many patterns to choose from; whether it is stripes, polka-dots, floral or tribal—this is the season to put them to good use. By this point, everyone is tired of dark and drab clothing and are ready for some color. I will never get bored with dark colors but I do still get excited when I see a pair of light pink shorts or a bright blue tank top.

The Sonia by Sonia Rykiel 2016 resort collection is made up of dark denims, stripes and many different professional pieces such as blazers and blouses. I took inspiration from this collection because I love the way everything is layered and all the looks have a similar style, but each is carried out in a different way. Looks that have stripes were layered by something that flows, and each pair of dark jeans were paired with a hint of color so that it would stand out. Although this collection does not emulate summer as well as others might, it does apply to my own closet very well and brings in some bits and pieces of warm weather styles.

I decided to bring this out in my own way by pairing this striped shirt with a denim skirt and leather jacket. Stripes were the constant pattern throughout the collection which is why I added it into my own interpretation. This skirt is one of my favorites; it’s retro and I love that it’s coming back in style! It incorporates the denim factor and the leather jacket brings another layering element, these are both seen in many different ways throughout the collection.

Get My Look: 1. A denim skirt 2. Strappy sandals 3. A cute black pouch.