STYLE GURU STYLE: Striking Black Gold

Everything King Midas touched turned to gold. That’s what they say. But everything designer Andreas Melbostad touched? It turned to black gold. Or more specifically, to the Diesel Black Gold spring 2015 collection. And for a girl who can’t get enough of leather and gold, this line really stood out from the pack. Leather skirts, crop tops, metallic accents and pops of red added up to a rocking punk rock runway overdrive. The pieces in this line flow nicely into the next look but also keep a fresh take on the punk vibe.

Don’t call me a copycat; I’m not one to play matchy match with the runway looks. Instead, I took a cue from the leather skirts, crop tops and metallics for my own spin on the line. An easy base for my outfit starts with the ever-popular and punk rock H&M leather circle skirt I bought my freshmen year of college. For a metallic twist, I opted for a golden touch. The GUESS necklace combined with the ALDO skinny belt and swirly tank top print pack a bold punch. The outfit feels cohesive without being overdone. But just in case, it never hurts to throw in a little magical garden wall to offset the outlandish gold and leather.

Tying the whole look together, I swapped the black heels and booties for something easier to walk down the Charleston cobblestones on. While these shoes look right at home with my girly skirt and overall style, these are GUESS men’s sneakers I bought while working at the store awhile back. If there’s one piece of style advice you should take away from this outfit, it is to always have a pair of top notch sneakers to keep your style poppin’ but also doable on a long day of walking!

Get My Look: 1. A leather skirt. 2. A metallic tank top. 3. Necklace. 4. Sneakers. 5. A skinny belt.