STYLE GURU STYLE: Strictly Symmetrical

Several designers such as Betsey Johnson, Giambattista Valli and Marc Jacobs are never afraid to add a little bit of color to their creations. To some, color is a hit, but to others, it is a miss. For me, it is a miss. You see, black, white, gray and navy are my kryptonite when it comes to picking out an outfit. I have grown to notice that no matter the event or season, those colors always manage to make their way into the mix, and they work every single time! For the Boss pre-fall 2016 collection, there is absolutely no denying that monochromatic hues were the stepping stone for the majority of the pieces featured.

Simplicity is also key when it comes to Boss and its creator, Jason Wu. Unlike designers known for their bold choices, such as Alexander McQueen and Donna Karen, Wu decided to steer the collection down a safer path by going strictly symmetrical. At first glance, I saw the collection and immediately thought the outfits could be featured in Mad Men or a ’60s-inspired film; I’m convinced it’s due to the structure. He chose skirts and coats that fell straight on the body and topped each outfit off with a high-neck top that gave off a very modernistic vibe. If you know me, you know that not only do I love ‘90s fashion, but I’m a sucker for ‘60s-chic as well.

The look I recreated combined the same symmetrical structure, but with a little Lauren flavor: accessories. Let’s be real here, it isn’t one of my signature looks without an accessory or two thrown in! I noticed that in almost every look featured in the collection, a model is seen with a plain bag, which is why I geared towards my black quilted bag from Forever 21. I got it forever ago (no pun intended), and it has been my go-to bag ever since; not to mention, it’s been mistaken for a Chanel on several different occasions. To complete the modernistic look, I chose a multi-chain necklace, knee-high lace up boots, a turtleneck and a pair of black jeans. I would’ve gone all out and worn a skirt, but it was way too cold that day!

The staple piece, that happens to be my favorite, is the coat. I had been eyeing it at JCPenney for as long as I can remember, but it was too expensive! A week or two after Christmas, I decided to go shopping and on my way out of the mall, I saw the coat; it was fate. Not only did I end up getting it, but I walked out of the store with a gray one and a white one, as well. The best part? All three combined were less than the original price! There’s honestly nothing better than a good sale, is there?

Get My Look: 1. Softshell moto jacket. 2. Ribbed turtleneck. 3. Knee-high boots. 4. Quilted bag.