STYLE GURU STYLE: Street Smart, Street Star

Even though winter is almost a myth when it comes to living in California, the northern region of California, or NorCal for short, still gets cold from time to time, believe it or not. Okay, NorCal is pretty much sweater weather all the time, I’m not going to lie. But that doesn’t have to stop you, or any Fashionistas out there from rocking the latest trends.

While searching for inspiration, I came across the fall 2015 menswear Kenzo collection. Though the bomber jacket or longline coat trend might seem a little outdated, it is also a trend to keep an eye out for this upcoming spring. This young and hip collection from Kenzo speaks to those of us who are and will be in sweater weather for the next couple of months. Yes, even in California. This is the perfect trend to trade in your sweater for a more fashion forward style. I was inspired by the oversized coats some of the models were wearing in the show. We’ve seen Gigi Hadid among other supermodels rocking this trend. One of the models though, is wearing a green printed bomber coat that caught my eye. So simple yet so fashion forward. I decided to translate the vibes of this runway show, mostly which consisted of neutral colors and oversized coats, and give it my own twist.

I decided to go with some black high-waisted ripped jeans, mimicking the look of my inspiration, along with a crop top. Making the green bomber jacket the perfect way to accessorize this look. This outfit along with some fun slip-ons makes it look effortless. And of course, if I’m being inspired by street style, I obviously had to look in the streets for some inspiration, as well.

What I love about this outfit is how street style can be interpreted in many ways. How one simple coat can make the outfit go from casual to chic, though you are still able to wear the trend like a street star. This look is simple yet sophisticated. You can wear this outfit on a day out with your girls, but you can also trade in the slip-ons for some chunky heels or fun booties and make it fit for a night out in the town. You can now be street smart and have street style.

Get My Look: 1. A green longline bomber coat. 2. Some black high-waisted ripped jeans. 3. Black slip-on sneakers.