STYLE GURU STYLE: Straps On Straps On Straps

How on earth is a college student supposed to get the latest looks if the looks in runway shows are thousands of dollars? Well, what I do is dig deep and truly analyze the trends that each fashion show represents. Long, luxurious gowns can be mocked into cheap lengthy dresses because that is still the trend they are trying to specify, only for about $1000 less. So to all my broke college friends out there, I am here to tell you there is hope.

In the resort 2016 Bottega Veneta fashion show, sophisticated models made all my fellow late night snack eaters feel insecure by how they strutted their stuff on the runway, portraying loose pants and sweaters that would hug most of our inner thighs. Many rich corals and color combinations were shown. Although the majority of these outfits are on the conservative side, I decided to apply the color spectrum into my outfit today.

Any basic white girl understands the struggle of walking into a Lulu store without enough cash in your pocket. Lucky for me, I made sure all my gift cards I received for my birthday this year were toward that store, meaning half of my workout clothes are Lulu and Nike. I love being bright because it reflects my attempt to be cheery and upbeat at all times.

Aside from the comfort of my sports bra and running shorts, they are amazingly flattering. They hug all the right places when I go on a long run. Aside from the bright colors shown in the Bottega Veneta show, it is common knowledge that strappy bras and bathing suits are what are currently in, and I could not be happier. Showing these straps off is the challenging part since a typical tank top covers them up, but not this top. It is light, neon and outlines my back perfectly. To tie the whole outfit together, my favorite pair of Nikes always come in handy, although I switch them out for a pair of Brooks for a run so my feet can thank me in my later years.

I’ll leave you with some wise words by saying there is a possible combination of lazy and cute. Before I found these sports bras, the few days a week I decided to roll out of bed included running shorts and a tank top or a T-shirt. Now I can dress up my lazy days by being just as comfy but keeping it trendy at the same time. Stay trendy friends.

Get My Look: 1. Strappy sports bra. 2. Open-back top. 3. Basic black running shorts.