STYLE GURU STYLE: Strappy And Sassy

The summer is all ablaze and so is this gladiator sandal trend, hot and fresh from the runway. All the highly esteemed fashion designers we know and love, including Chloe, Valentino and Isabel Marant, have got us all swooning over this style straight from Ancient Rome. Buckle in Fashionistas, because this week I am showing you how to achieve this trend without making a huge dent in your wallet.

When it comes to wearing this sassy pair of sandals, you want to pay close attention to the pieces you style them with. These sandals are truly eye-catching yet versatile, so styling them is not too difficult but can be easily overdone. Personally, I choose to style these sandals with pieces that follow the “peasant” trend, meaning I tend to stick to very airy, light and breathable fabrics and simple prints. My leather lace-up sandals are very bold, so I chose to pair them with this “plebeian” style, off-the-shoulder romper. Other times, I have styled it with a pair of medium wash high-waisted shorts and a high neck top with embroidery on it. So to achieve that “Coachella Festival” look, try pairing your gladiator sandals with floral, lace, embroidered or crocheted pieces. If you want to stick to the bold look, try pairing your sandals with leather pieces or dark colors, such as black dresses or a pair of leather shorts.

Since gladiator sandals are all the rage, have no fear about finding the perfect pair for you! Many of our favorite everyday, affordable brands are manufacturing a wide variety of different pairs for you to choose from. To delve deeper, Zara has come out with simple, leather sandals that lace up all the way to your knees. However, if you want to achieve this look without making such a bold statement, other stores such as ASOS and Forever 21 are now selling “half” gladiator sandals that only lace up to the mid-calf section or the ankle. Some brands are even adding extra detailing to spice things up, such as Jeffery Campbell who released studded, knee-high gladiator sandals, or Rebecca Minkoff who released knee-high sandals with suede fringe on each layer. One of the worst feelings in the world for a shopaholic is spending your money on something that could have been better spent elsewhere. So whatever pair you choose to purchase, make sure you are 100 percent sure that those are the pair that you will get the most wear out of!

So, I hope to see you Fashionistas embracing your inner diva as you rock the garb of the Roman fighters. You will for sure be turning heads by wearing these sandals, so just remember to stay sassy and everything else will fall into place!

Get My Look: 1. Any basic romper or dress. 2. Your favorite pair of gladiator sandals. 3. A pair of funky sunglasses.