STYLE GURU STYLE: Stevie Nicks Meets Valentino

Overflowing maxi dresses that allow me to twirl my life away tend to be my go-to during these scorching summer days. Pairing the endless amount of ‘70s-inspired dresses in my wardrobe with oversized sunglasses and a variation of open-toed shoes make for the most ideal combination regardless the occasion.

Last week, I stumbled into a local vintage store called Avant-Garb that made me feel like I had traveled back into the ‘70s. This store was filled with an abundance of magic; from the color selections to the delicately crafted gemstone jewelry, I couldn’t help but think that someone brought me into Stevie Nicks’ closet. In the back of the store, there was a long psychedelic dress staring me in the face just begging to be brought home. As soon as I saw this dress I immediately thought of Valentino’s spring 2016 couture collection…and I caved.

The collection combines a head to toe enchanted ensemble while keeping the main focus on the elongated details of each piece. While the elegance of Valentino is mesmerizing to say the least, I just couldn’t seem to find my gold gladiator ankle chains. Instead, I transformed Valentino’s collection from a ‘70s Greek Goddess to a ‘70s Psychedelic Princess by adding a variation of a chunky low heel which I felt gave the outfit a more unique look. Jeffery Campbell never fails to design shoes that carry distinctive characteristics that can complete numerous looks, which is why I chose the 2015 Fontane Shoe that added the perfect retro touch the outfit was screaming for. Since daytime outfits permit showing off my wide array of sunglasses, I thought nothing was better to complete this throwback ensemble than my oversized Wildfox Fleur sunglasses.

When styling an outfit whose main attraction clothes the entire body, it is essential to take a simpler route when choosing the finishing pieces so the look doesn’t overwhelm the eye. It’s easy to get lost when dealing with these vibrant colors, but in styles like this one, less is definitely more.

Get My Look: 1. Oversized Wildfox sunglasses. 2. Any ’70s maxi dress. 3. Jeffrey Campbell cutout shoes.