STYLE GURU STYLE: Stepping Out of Your Comfort Zone

In my opinion the portal of inspiration that a fashion designer gets their inspiration from is very intriguing. One of my all time favorites is a brand called Moschino, who gets its inspiration from fast food chains and popular cereal brands. While Moschino may not have inspired my current outfit, it does show a good representation of how inspiration and fashion go hand in hand.

The 2016 resort collection from Orley was the inspiration for this week’s look. Orley, a New York based company, is one of high class and high quality. Their 2016 resort collection includes knitted garments, crochet detailing and brightly colored shoes, which became the stepping-stones for my look.

Based on this collection it is evident that this designer specializes in finding coherent pieces that are perfect compliments of each other. It is also apparent that this designer is stepping out of their comfort zone by taking risks in the fashion industry.

At first glance, I knew that in order to recreate this runway trend I needed to have small pieces of the Orley collection reinterpreted into my outfit. I took a little piece of glamour from the runway show and made it a Brittany Maisano original by implementing turquoise jelly sandals and a crochet tank top into my look. The turquoise jelly sandals were a reach, but they are perfect for the summertime because they are waterproof. I added floral shorts to keep the cohesion of the outfit in tact. I kept the accessories simple because the models in the Orley show had minimal accessories.

This week I wanted to step out of my comfort zone and I encourage you to do the same. Fashion is an expression of you and there is never any right or wrong way to do it. I don’t care what the fashion police say, stay true you.

Get My Look: 1. A pair of floral shorts. 2.A crochet top. 3. A pair of jelly sandals.