STYLE GURU STYLE: Statement Pieces

Summer weather have you feeling hot and sticky? Story of my life! When it comes to my personal style I like to keep it light and simple, especially in the North Carolina heat. Keeping an outfit light simple is essential for keeping your body cool and breezy during these unbearable heat waves. The key to putting together a light and simple but also stylish outfit is through the use of statement pieces. Even just having one statement piece in an outfit can make a huge difference in the entire look.

This outfit consisted of two statement pieces that truly bring this summer look alive: the top and bottom. To start, I put on a black Free People bralette that is spaghetti strapped and cropped for ultimate cooling. The bottom of the bralette has detailed lace embroidery that turns this simple black top into a unique and detailed statement piece. Next I slipped on a high-waisted denim skort that I got from a thrift store. The off centered button and the pocket make this denim skort one of a kind, especially since from the front it appears to be a skirt but from the back it looks like shorts. As for the rest of the outfit, I slipped on my go to summer shoes, black Birkenstocks for extreme comfort and support. Although Birkenstocks are flip flops they are comfortable walking shoes for the summer because they mold right to your feet and have great support. Lastly, I threw on my favorite Free People sunglasses to shade the summer rays away.

Both the bralette and the skort are statement pieces that can be dressed up or down and worn with different pieces and for different occasions. Next time you’re trying to keep it simple during summertime fever, throw on at least one light statement piece to make an outfit appear more stylish and tasteful.