A structured jacket and ripped jeans combination are just the right balance of casual and cool. This foundational pair can be mixed with various prints to make the look preppy, punk or vintage, and I used it to my advantage to sport some details from the MaxMara spring 2016 ready-to-wear collection.

The collection featured stars and stripes galore. There was a sea of cream, tan and black, with pops of red, blue and yellow for good measure. The bright colors brought vibrancy to the classic prints, while the stars were reminiscent of the night sky. The clothing was formfitting and played off the feminine silhouette. Many of the models sported bright red eyebrows, with the occasional greens and oranges.

I decided to take the prevalent nautical theme and make a darker, more winter-appropriate version. I opted for a formfitting, navy striped shirt to mimic the dark ocean waters and a starry scarf for good measure. To play off the classic prints, I wore my ripped jeans and beat-up Converse to keep the look casual. To tie the look together, I wore a black knee-length coat, which also gave structure and warmth to the outfit.

The collection had accessories kept to a minimum, so I chose a dainty heart necklace for a touch of shine, as well as gloves for warmth. For makeup, I decided on a fire engine red lipstick to mimic the strength of the models’ red eyebrows.

Stripes, stars and red lips are timeless additions to anyone’s wardrobe. But combining the three allow for a simple yet classy look suitable for any occasion.

Get My Look: 1. A striped T-shirt. 2. A star-studded scarf. 3. Bright red lipstick.