STYLE GURU STYLE: Standing Out With Color

Bright and colorful clothing has always been my favorite. Whether it’d be a pop of color with necklaces or shoes, I love to add a hint of color to my outfits. When I came across Karen Walker’s resort 2016 collection, I immediately fell in love with the daisy prints, chambray pieces and beautiful hues of the blue and coral dresses. The collection was playful and can easily be translated into everyday outfits. The anchor prints, rope straps and gold buttons make the collection perfect for the summer vacations.

While browsing through Karen Walker’s collection, I gravitated toward the bright prints and the use of denim. The coral and tribal printed romper is a great summer piece. Not only will it make one look fun and cheerful, but it’s also an easy piece to just throw on and style. Incorporating the denim trend from the collection, I paired my romper with a denim vest, which is a universal piece that can be paired with shorts, dresses or colored pants. To add some gold accents to my outfit, I wore my favorite rose gold chronographic watch and stacked it with a white bracelet. Lastly, I added my go-to strapped wedges. I adore my wedges and would wear them during the day or a night out with my girls. Since the light brown straps match with almost any outfit, the wedges are worth investing in.

Overall, I translated Karen Walker’s collection by incorporating bright colors, denim and gold accents to my outfit. I challenge all you Fashionistas/os to add some color and prints to one of your outfits this summer!

Get My Look: 1. Bright and patterned romper. 2. Denim vest. 3. Rose gold chronographic watch.