STYLE GURU STYLE: Spring Simplicity

May 16th, 2017 at 2:00am

In my opinion, spring is the worst season to dress for. You walk out of your apartment in a sweater and jeans, but by two o’clock in the afternoon, you wish you would of worn a tank top and shorts. With spring on the horizon, your closet needs versatility.

There is no better item to be versatile with than denim. Denim goes with everything and anything, but can also be dressed up or dressed down. This denim jumper is absolutely perfect for spring. It can be practically worn in all seasons, which makes it an investment piece for sure. I paired my denim jumper with a simple, cream linen shirt. The jumper is full of patches, rips, and an unfinished hem, so I wanted to add a simple top underneath to really make those details stand out.

Athletic footwear has been seen as one of this year’s hottest trends. Athletic shoes are paired with almost any type of outfit. I love how the fashion world is moving more towards comfort, including sweats, athletic footwear, and oversize hoodies. I added my Adidas Superstars with this outfit to give it a more casual look. These shoes are one of my prized possessions because I got them in London, England and have yet to see them anywhere in the United States. The overall uniqueness really popped out to be with the two-toned cream and the fine hair behind the three stripes.

One last small detail I added to my outfit was my watch. I am always attracted to accessories that are effortless, yet stand out. This watch will go with any outfit and give it that extra push of sophistication. It has a real marble face with a solid gray strap, which gives it the ability to look professional or casual.

Keep it light and fun this spring. This is the time to get out of those dark, depressing colors of winter and step out in a colorful new style.